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So… even if I asked for 1H30, I knew that 1H would be the duration of the performance, and I was ok with that. I did not expect to play 25 mins. I did not expect either not to find the proper audio cable : they had no connection for my 828, and the sound was coming out from the powerbook, that is to say in a much poorer quality, without the possibility to pre-listen with the headphones. Last but not least, in spite of my over repeated request to have a minimum 30 min sound check and a dedicated space to install my set-up… I did not get any of those, and as a result, I could not get the uc33 to work, being forced to mix 8 tracks with the mouse (it’s impossible to play cuts, sharp dynamic changes…), and missing ALL the controls associated with the knobs on the controller, on which I had worked a long time (mostly ‘musical’ zone- sfx morphings). In the future I will have to refuse to play in those conditions, simply not suitable for playing my live. Many thx to Sandy and everyone in the 260 km/h ;) car for everything else. He is really not to blame for what went wrong.

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workforce day

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Good news : I will play a minimum of 1hr, in the end. Thanks Luuk !
Today Sonicsidekick is releasing their ‘extreme drumsynth’, that I have quickly tried on my Vista partition - and believe me this is not another drumsynth, I would highly recommend anyone interested to give it a try.

Are you tired of the convolution vs. algorithmic reverb or software vs. rack units reverbs debate ? Here is something different : some guys have put a few mics in a 11m ferroconcrete tank to which they have connected the unit… broadcasting your own samples, that you can upload via the web ! Hummm you could record another IR, and use it - but no ! it’s so much fun to bookmark and go to :

working on the next performance

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I have been working quite a lot on some patches for the party in Oostende. I gave up composing new sounds (mostly from the modular) more than 2 weeks ago, to focus on creating new ‘puzzle shapes’. The problem is that I am supposed to build up something live from those pieces, and it’s getting more and more complex. I have tried to design an ergonomic workspace without restricting the possibilities, however my Live patch still looks like a petrochemical plant. I would need more than 45 ridiculous minutes. I am wondering if someone pretending to play that night will really do.


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Welcome Blotto Epsilon ;D

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Rezzable Virtual Worlds Directory

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