smackdown invites - hangars liquides label night

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Smackdown invites Hangars Liquides - label night on november the 5th november 2010 at Merleyn - Nijmegen - The Netherlands

big up to the Smackdown crew///

parties to come

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la peste live @ Bullet’s (Tokyo, JP)



La Peste(Hangars Liquides) from France
<今回のメインゲストの一人であるLa Pesteが急遽、
関西でのLa PesteのLIVEを楽しみにしていた方々へ
Annwn(Anti Narcose records) from Netherlands
Ultra Functor(伊東篤宏<Optrum>+Microdiet)



SMACKDOWN Netherland

hangars liquides @ smackdown (NL)

hangars liquides @ smackdown (NL)

@ Doornroosje

Explode the perspective

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hangars liquides north_hangars liquides south____booom..

back to the studio

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just a quick mail, I want to make it clear nothing is ended in France, thanks to a bunch of creative people and organizers, among which I would like to mention, among others, my friends Neurocore, Lawrencium, Convector, the HCN crew, Estelle, Poka… they could might me playing together sooner in the best west Europe party of the year / so stay ‘tuned’ / and now back to the modular (I received the oscillators last week !)
Oh btw, want to trade an Encore Electronics UEG (have 2) for… (offers welcome)

back from Lithuania

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I enjoyed my stay so much, many thx to the audience, the professionnal organizers, etc… Everything was perfect, people, ambience, sound, location. This is SO unusual. I love playing there. I could play what I love for a trully receptive audience which is not really used to listening to experimental hardbits/explosive soundscapes. This is absolutely not possible in ‘my’ (home) self-centered country (many thx to our governments / Manu la putain/UWE/and all the capitalistic sound systems pretending to promote revolution (lol)… for broadcasting ur obsolete overoveroverated shit/ I dream of a party called ‘I hate France’ / Happy 1000th birthday Lithuania !

flashcore mornings

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Alors le doute s’immiscea - la peste - hangars liquides 26 - 2007)

la peste - hangars liquides in lithuania

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Summer fests!
la peste will be playing at the Tundra Fest:

MORE INFO go to website click here

cya in Lithuania ////

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back from Oostende, speedy mood live intro

That’s what I did a few mins after I came back home a week ago, the performance could have started (only !) like this. I decided not to send this to the trash, for the hardcore lovers around. Just for fun.

being Palmer Eldritch

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back from Oostende

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So… even if I asked for 1H30, I knew that 1H would be the duration of the performance, and I was ok with that. I did not expect to play 25 mins. I did not expect either not to find the proper audio cable : they had no connection for my 828, and the sound was coming out from the powerbook, that is to say in a much poorer quality, without the possibility to pre-listen with the headphones. Last but not least, in spite of my over repeated request to have a minimum 30 min sound check and a dedicated space to install my set-up… I did not get any of those, and as a result, I could not get the uc33 to work, being forced to mix 8 tracks with the mouse (it’s impossible to play cuts, sharp dynamic changes…), and missing ALL the controls associated with the knobs on the controller, on which I had worked a long time (mostly ‘musical’ zone- sfx morphings). In the future I will have to refuse to play in those conditions, simply not suitable for playing my live. Many thx to Sandy and everyone in the 260 km/h ;) car for everything else. He is really not to blame for what went wrong.

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