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“Hangars Liquides is a legendary label. Over the last 10 years it has spawned some of the most abstract hardcore & speedcore records ever know to man. Some brilliant producers have appeared on this label over the years, from the sheer brutality of XKV8 to the brillance of Neurocore to the craziness of La Peste’s soundscapes, its all here.

Always a label that pushed things forward, there is a lot of ground covered on Hangars, from straight forward 4/4 speedcore to breakcore to abstract sounds and loads (and loads) of weirdness.

One of the best labels around if you’re a hardcore fan who loves to test their mind and ears.”
Review by djthumpa Jun 17, 2008

“Hangars Liquides is without question the pioneering concept of experimental electronic music our ears have been exposed to for over a decade!

Laurent Mialon aka La Peste’s vision and now legacy has left a monumental aural trademark on observers all over the galaxy.

From the early harsh industrial hardcore/speedcore of an 18 year old from Brittany called EPC on Hangars Liquides 001 to La Peste’s own works of genius! the liquid, mesmerising, Psychedelic hardcore/speedcore/ambient masterpeiece’s on HL003, HL005(pam anderson on acid) and HL 013 still remain along with the works of Poka Michelson the most incredible mindbending psychedelic experimental hardcore/speedcore in my collection.”
Review by Lysergytek Dec 18, 2010