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So, as announced earlier, Neurocore will play in Germany, Dresden


la peste in Rotterdam / neurocore in Lithuania / outdoor fests

14th july 2012 : la peste aka laurent mialon will play live at Underground Nation, Rotterdam center’s first ever daytime outdoor hard electronics festival. Book now they’re expecting about 10K people.
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Neurocore will play at Tundra, Lithuania, outdoor festival ! fest takes place from July 5 at 8:00pm until July 8 at 12:00pm 2012

LA PESTE /// IN POLAND // Gdansk

12 MAY 2012 in Gdansk

la peste in Gdansk , Poland.

Don’t miss your chance to see la peste live in Poland soon and you’ll never be able to hear any sounds the way you did before.

more tba

neurocore in rotterdam

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Neurocore will be playing in Rotterdam on April the 21st 2012 at this party :

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neurocore in rotterdam

neurocore in rotterdam

quick update

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I will soon announce new parties, talk audio development and new releases and their form.

neurocore HD-cybercore in finland

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Neurocore LIVE (Hangars Liquides, Underground Perversions Records) [FR/PL]

Local coreheads:

Jamqpa LIVE (Kovaydin Vastarinta)
Mornaor (Kovaydin Vastarinta)
RujoNic vs Tapp (Kolina-Produktio, Kovaydin Vastarinta)
industrial hardcore
Stak Etop (Tenkale)
Teknoaidi|Zutsuu LIVE (Kovaydin Vastarinta)
Valovoima LIVE (Kovaydin Vastarinta)
Kovaydin Anti-stars: DoomsDay Sounds, Noison, Shatterling

Invitation only! To get invited send your and your friends’ fore- and surnames to the adress brainbasher.crew AT gmail.com with the title “Brainbashers: 4-Dimensional Core Rite”

hangars liquides comes to Glasgow

hangars liquides flyer

hangars liquides flyer

big up Scotland///can’t wait for buckfast !

hl’s founder laurent mialon @ ELECTROPIXEL FESTIVAL

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in french

more TBA

hangars liquides label night in Scotland

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saturday 23 july 2011
20:00 - 02:00
@ The Big Joint
1024 South Street, Glasgow

presales £ 10
door £ 15

more TBA

a PowerAugmentedSpaceCore live @


Presentation of information for visual and auditive reception/ The output for creating a great density and an intense travel/ To paralyze eventual perception’s obstacles and transmit some fresh patterns/ 5 hours trans, come and try for yourself ];=

14 of January 2011, OCii, Amstelveensweg 134, Amsterdam
Open Doors 21.00
Start 21.30 - 3.00
Damage 6 e + invitation

La Peste - FR - founder of Hangars Liquides /HL/ PowerAugmentedSpaceCore - LIVE

Rekombinacja - PL - BreakYourTermSCore - LIVE

Trotyl - PL - LIVE

Plastic Interior Urynian - PL - LIVE

System Panic - PL - ParaMagnetKick - LIVE

Anal Infection - Live operation

Hitokiri - PL - InsaneBalancerView


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