la peste in Rotterdam / neurocore in Lithuania / outdoor fests

14th july 2012 : la peste aka laurent mialon will play live at Underground Nation, Rotterdam center’s first ever daytime outdoor hard electronics festival. Book now they’re expecting about 10K people.
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Neurocore will play at Tundra, Lithuania, outdoor festival ! fest takes place from July 5 at 8:00pm until July 8 at 12:00pm 2012

back from Lithuania

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I enjoyed my stay so much, many thx to the audience, the professionnal organizers, etc… Everything was perfect, people, ambience, sound, location. This is SO unusual. I love playing there. I could play what I love for a trully receptive audience which is not really used to listening to experimental hardbits/explosive soundscapes. This is absolutely not possible in ‘my’ (home) self-centered country (many thx to our governments / Manu la putain/UWE/and all the capitalistic sound systems pretending to promote revolution (lol)… for broadcasting ur obsolete overoveroverated shit/ I dream of a party called ‘I hate France’ / Happy 1000th birthday Lithuania !