no title - tutorial

I have to start this blog by a test, with almost all sort of media available on the blog.

I was in the limbo the other day diving in the picture attached, that I use as a background for my desktop, when the WTC attacks came back all of a sudden, that’s why I am posting it.


The audio is some kind of techno I am working on for the next party, within 2 weeks from now.

And the video shows zones scrolling within Live 8, on various tracks. This is only an experiment. In the future, I’ll have to pay attention to global cpu use, you will hear a lot of drop-outs due to the fact wire tap studio, snap x pro and Live were all running together. The only cool thing to notice is the zone I created with Widi’s audio to midi application sending midi data to a synplant patch. This is in the beginning, before 0′44″. After I jump to my master effects chain, where I scroll between lucifer, artillery, effectrix… triggered by my controller keys in real time. I have one ‘pad’ bus not going to that master, hence the pad sound is not modified by that chain of effects.

Later I plan to post work in progress, live performances, full video tutorials, raw sounds from the spectacular wildlife around or the modular, and of course some thoughts I wish to share on anything.

News from the studio :
Today, I have created a new partition to install Leopard (at last !!!), needed to run the extremly promising generative environment developped by Lucidmac, Elysium. I have been on 10.4.11 so far, running Sun’s Virtual Box to get access to Windows apps, and I am quite impatient to test Bootcamp to check if it is faster.
I have started to jam with MOTU’s Volta FC1. This is awesome, quite the easiest way to drive CV only analog gear. I guess the software will cause a big demand for their soundcards, still the only ones to have DC coupled I/O. No more info, as requested by the beta testers agreement MOTU asks you to sign.